The bedrock of any community is the family. I will continue working to ensure that Marion County is a place where our children and grandchildren find careers worthy of their talents.

Carl Zalak


My faith is what guides me every day in what I do as a husband, a father, and as your county commissioner.

Carl Zalak


People shape community, not government. When government, with its bureaucracy and red tape, spends too much and neglects the essentials, the results paralyze business and congest our roads.

Carl Zalak

Good-Life Magazine Q & A

Carl Zalak was a new father when he realized how much Marion County mattered to his family. “I have always lived in what my wife calls a ‘tribal’ family, meaning that wherever Mom and Dad are, we all are,” he recalls. “As I held my new baby and imagined how great the future would be—my child surrounded by loving family and friends—my wife interrupted with, ‘That’s all fine and well, but I was hoping our child would have a career.’’”

The unfortunate truth was that at that time, kids grew up and often left Ocala because there were fewer career choices here. That’s when Carl gained the perspective that it was not enough to love just his family. So as a business leader, he made a family plan that would stop at nothing less than Marion County becoming a great place for finding promising careers for our talented kids and at the same time being the best place in the world for his parents’ retirement. This is why Commissioner Zalak has been so solutions-focused. Now he is asking you to join his team and vote August 28th.