The bedrock of any community is the family. I will continue working to ensure that Marion County is a place where our children and grandchildren can live in freedom under the Constitution.

Carl Zalak


My faith is what guides me every day in what I do as a husband, a father, and as your county commissioner.

Carl Zalak


People shape community, not government. When government, with its bureaucracy and red tape, spends too much and neglects the essentials, the results paralyze business and congest our roads.

Carl Zalak

Representing You, Not the Bureaucracy.

I ran for office at age 30. I am the youngest commissioner in the history of Marion County. I had no previous political goals, but unemployment was 14.3% and there was a Democrat on the board that was supposed to be unbeatable. I am 42 years old now, married for over 20 years. I have built my career in the Waste Industry.  All my life I have been taking out the trash.

During the Covid-shut downs and this Biden administration the fight for freedom has been unprecedented. We kept Marion County open and stayed working for you. Electing good people is what makes good elected governments. That’s why I have to thank you for electing Governor DeSantis. He has been a tremendous ally in our fight. I have regular contact with Governor DeSantis and his office staff. I am a No-Nonsense Team Desantis Republican.

Proven Conservative Record

  • Kept the county open during the covid shut-downs.
  • Prioritized spending for our law enforcement and first responders without raising taxes.
  • Dramatically reduced unemployment by double digits from 14% to 4%.
  • Honored our Veterans with a new Veterans Center and secured $500,000 for a new VA nursing home for Marion County’s 200 corridor.
  • Created a 30-year solution for our solid waste, with zero impact on our springs. Saving the taxpayers over $65 million.

Pro-Life Pro-Family

Carl Zalak is among our foremost fighters for Life. He is indispensable to Marion County. Carl is a true constitutional conservative and my choice for County Commission. Join me in voting for Carl Zalak. – REP. DENNIS BAXLEY