Dear Friend,

For the first time since Roe v. Wade, we could have the opportunity to choose life. I am the only Marion County Commissioner that has proposed to make Marion County a Sanctuary for life! This is no time to turn and walk away.

When times get tough, true Americans get tougher! By putting conservative values to work we have kept Marion County open, supported our law enforcement and first responders, put seniors’ medical-freedom first, preserved our horse community, increased educational opportunities, and lowered taxes.

Don’t be fooled—there are definitely some “good ol’ boys” who want unlimited growth with unchecked consequences. There are also RINOs who seek governmental-control through dishonest campaigns. This time of tremendous growth is NO time for Rookies or Cronies! I will fight for The Constitution and the efficient flow of transportation. A first class infrastructure, for a first class community.


Carl Zalak
Republican for Marion County Commissioner

When you Stand with me on August 23rd it will be Freedom that wins! – Carl Zalak


Carl Zalak is a Proven Conservative We Can Trust! Learn more about Carl Zalak and his mission today!


Carl Zalak is a conservative who has a record of being a Republican and not a RINO.